I’m sorry, is my struggle for gender representation ruining your day?

One of the most remarkable advances in society today is the work that people have put in to have equal gender representation throughout the workforce, especially in computer science. Computer Science has been dominated by the male gender since the industry started, and especially now that it has become more prominent; however, the increase of popularity computer science is experiencing has also led to more people becoming interested in the field, including women. Unfortunately, many women view computer science through deeply-running stereotypes that showcase CS as “boring”. Universities, companies, and computer science figures across the world have combined efforts to dismantle the stereotypes that are preventing girls from choosing to pursue computer science, and as UC Berkeley knows, they are slowly making their way towards their goal of having equal gender representation in the field of computer science, with UC Berkeley becoming one of the first universities to have an introductory computer science class where more females are enrolled than males.

The only thing that’s disparaging about these efforts are the casualties that come alongside gender discrimination. One of the worst and most damaging is how people view careers that women choose to go into, which is to say that women-dominated fields tend to lose value in the eyes of society, and thus perpetuate the wage gap. Administration and secretary work used to be very well respected, but once women became skilled and proficient as secretaries, people viewed it as less valuable and eventually began paying women less. The medical industry is next in line to experience that devaluing, as unfortunate as that is, and I fear the same thing will happen to computer science. The root of the problem is to encourage equality for women in all aspects of society, not just in computer science, so that people will begin to respect and value that work that we do. (x)

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